Scooter Rider

A Domino’s Scooter Rider is often the only point of contact our customers have with the store. Therefore, they must have great customer service skills and a safe driving record. To be a Scooter Rider applicants must have a valid licence as required by your State or Territory.

Scooter Rider responsibilities:

  • Delivering pizzas and other products to customers
  • Providing quality customer service at the door
  • Attending to customer concerns
  • Wearing correct Personal Protective Equipment
  • Riding safely at all times

 Additional responsibilities (if required):

  • Assisting with customer service in store
  • Assisting with food preparation
  • General cleaning duties

GPS Tracking

Domino's Pizza utilises GPS tracking to monitor all deliveries. The tracking units are installed in all vehicles (company cars, scooters and electric bikes) and also in the car topper units that are used with private vehicles.

This tracking system monitors all deliveries for the purposes of streamlining the delivery process, improving safety and providing the customer with a real-time view of their delivery driver travelling towards their house.

It is a requirement of employment with Domino's Pizza as a Delivery Driver that you agree to have your vehicle tracked whilst undertaking deliveries. This will require your vehicle to have a working cigarette lighter / similar power source socket.

Delivery Experts are required to set up a GPS Tracker profile upon their commencement of employment. This profile will be viewable by customers and is required to include a picture of the Delivery Expert, their first name and other general information.

Should a Delivery Expert express genuine safety concerns regarding the use of their first name on their GPS Tracker profile they are permitted to use an alternative name which is deemed appropriate by the Manager/ Franchisee.